How Do I Get the Test?

When Should I Get the Test?

Breast Cancer Index may be helpful whenever you have questions about how long you will need to continue anti-estrogen therapy, or whenever you and your doctor are making a decision about whether to extend or end therapy after 5 years. This decision may occur at different time points depending on when you were diagnosed.

chevron 3-steps of BCI test

Existing tissue from your original tumor is sufficient for Breast Cancer Index. Which means that no additional biopsy is required; all your doctor has to do is order Breast Cancer Index and wait for the results!

Breast Cancer Index is a one-time test that can provide information to help you and your doctor create a teatment plan.

A simple 3-step process is all that is required for BCI:

1. Ask your doctor about ordering Breast Cancer Index

2. Your archived tumor tissue is sent to the lab at Biotheranostics, Inc.

3. Your doctor receives your personalized report in just 7 business days once we have received your tumor tissue and required information into our lab.