Important Questions About The Next 5 Years

Your treatment has been a success

As you look to learn more and plan beyond 5 years, it is important to know your options. This brochure is for you, if you were diagnosed with early-stage estrogen receptor-positive (ER+), also known as hormone receptor-positive breast cancer.

This information is being provided to help you and your oncologist answer two important questions about your ER+ breast cancer after 5 years:

hex1 What is your individual risk for breast cancer coming back after year 5?

Although ER+ breast cancer generally has a very good prognosis for most women, the risk of recurrence before and after year 5 is similar. It is important to know your personal risk to best weigh all of the options presented by your doctor1–3

hex2 What is the likelihood that you will benefit from anti-estrogen therapy if taken for 5 more years?

Recent studies have suggested an additional 5 year course (after completing the first 5 years) of anti-estrogen therapy may help some women. However, in clinical trials of patients who were recurrence-free at 5 years, only 3%–5% of patients benefited from extending long-term, anti-estrogen therapies (e.g. Tamoxifen, Femara®, and Arimidex®) beyond 5 years.4-7

Another important element to consider is how well you have tolerated the many possible side-effects of these anti-estrogen medicines during the first 5 years of treatment.