Patient Services Team

Introducing Biotheranostics'

Patient Services Team!

As a service to ensure a positive experience for you, Biotheranostics now has a Patient Services Team focused on educating and navigating you through the billing process. This dedicated team is uniquely trained and qualified to help you with questions related to the cost of the test, and to enroll you into our financial assistance program if you meet certain criteria.

If our Patient Services Team is unable to provide the answer, they will research the issue and provide the answer to you in a timely manner. Questions about interpreting the test results or related to your specific treatment plan should be addressed by your physician.

Our Patient Services Team is able to:

  • Make any necessary changes to your address, insurance, personal information, to ensure a smoother billing experience
  • Conference in our Billing Department to inquire as to the status of your claim
  • Facilitate your request for a copy of your individual test results
  • Pre-qualify you for our Patient Assistance Program
  • Provide you with the Final Patient Assistance Program application

To contact our Patient Services Team:

  • 7AM PST - 4PM PST
  • (844) 319-8111
  • Follow us: @answersbyond5
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