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*Because Breast Cancer IndexSM is newly available within the United States, the treatment centers and physicians appearing on the preceding list have been selected based upon their considerable experience in the counseling of patients diagnosed with estrogen receptor positive breast cancer. This list may not be complete and is provided as a courtesy for those who wish to contact an experienced practitioner to obtain additional information about Breast Cancer Index. No fees were paid or other consideration provided for placement on the list, and we have not independently investigated or evaluated these centers or physicians. Names, addresses, and web links are provided by Biotheranostics only for reference and solely as a starting point for you to learn where and how to find further information and evaluate your treatment options. Just as the inclusion of a physician or treatment center should not be construed as a referral, endorsement, or recommendation, the absence of any particular physician or center should not be taken as disapproval in any way. We have simply listed resources that have come to our attention and which may help you gather further information. bioTheranostics is not and shall not be liable to you or anyone else for the accuracy, reliability, timeliness, or efficacy of any information you obtain through the information and listing we provide nor for your reliance on any information you may learn from them and use to make any decisions or take any actions. Patients should always consult their own physician, advisors, and healthcare providers when evaluating information related to any course of treatment.