What is Breast Cancer Index?

Breast Cancer IndexSM is a test that can help you and your doctor make a more personalized treatment decision about extending your anti-estrogen therapy

If you are an ER+ breast cancer survivor, Breast Cancer Index (BCI) is a non-invasive test that can provide more information using the original biopsy of your tumor to help you and your physician make a better treatment plan FOR YOU beyond the 5-year mark.

This test provides you and your doctor with information to help decide whether to extend or end anti-estrogen therapy beyond year 5 by analyzing your risk of breast cancer coming back after year 5 (late recurrence) and your likelihood of benefit from extending anti-estrogen therapy for an additional 5 years.

What Is Breast Cancer Index and See How It Works

So put simply, Breast Cancer Index can help you and your doctor decide two really important things:

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You need both pieces of data to really get a complete picture of your options.

If you are a survivor nearing your 5-year mark, talk to your physician about Breast Cancer Index. By giving yourself and your doctor all the facts available to make an educated decision, you can play an active role in making sure you are on the right treatment path.